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Tomoko Tsuji, an ikebana instructor and student of the Ikenobo School, demonstrates a traditional New Year-themed ikebana arrangement.

Content created in partnership with Tomoko Tsuji.

Kizuna shares a virtual storytelling of Paul Matsushima’s Thank You Very Mochi.

When Kimi and her family visit Grandma and Grandpa’s house for New Year’s mochitsuki (rice cake making party) they discover the mochi machine is broken. After initial fears that mochitsuki will be cancelled, Grandpa proposes an interesting, yet old-fashioned solution of making mochi the hand-pounded way.

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Download a custom New Year Coloring Page designed by Lisa Aihara

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Nobuko Saito Cleary shares the significance and history behind osechi (Japanese New Year food), including her family memories and items involved in this very special cuisine.

Content created in partnership with Japan Society of Northern California.

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