Since March 2020, OACC has struggled with serious financial challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges, our team is working harder than ever to pivot provide easy and accessible online programming but we cannot do it alone. We are reaching out to our beloved community, our donors, local government agencies, and philanthropic partners to help OACC sustain its mission. As a friend of the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, help ensure that OACC is able to continue to provide pivotal, critical programming that has supported our East Bay API communities for more than 38 years.

Each and every action counts. Whatever you can do — monetary or not — will mean a lot.

Click here to see a few ways we invite you to support OACC during APIA Heritage Month!


Your generous donations and support go directly to bringing quality pan-Asian programming to OACC and the upkeep of our facility. All donations to OACC, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (Tax ID: 73-1649335), are tax deductible.

Company Matching Contribution Program

Some companies and businesses encourage their employees to donate to organizations that serve the communities and geographic regions in which they do business.

If your employer has such a program and you make a cash contribution or volunteer your time at OACC, you might be able to increase the value of your dollars and time by reporting your contributions to your employer, who may in turn, make a separate contribution to OACC.

Many employers match gifts made by company board members and retired employees. If married, both you and your spouse’s employers might match your contribution.  Here’s what you can do: Ask Human Resources or Personnel if your employer has a Matching Gift Program. Next, Ask for a Matching Gift Program form. Finally, fill out the form and mail it with your contribution to:

Oakland Asian Cultural Center
388 9th Street, Suite 290
Oakland, CA 94607

Donate Online

To make a contribution by credit card, please CLICK HERE

Donate by Check

Make your check payable to “Oakland Asian Cultural Center” and mail to:

ATTN: Development
Oakland Asian Cultural Center
388 9th Street, Suite 290
Oakland, CA 94607

If you would like to allocate your donation to a specific program or activity, please indicate that in the memo field.


For more information contact us at (510) 637 – 0455 or

Oakland Asian Cultural Center Gift Acceptance Policy

Oakland Asian Cultural Center (OACC) relies on charitable contributions to fulfill its mission. As a small organization with limited space and processing resources, OACC encourages donors to seek their own legal or tax counsel before making a gift.

OACC accepts donations of cash and appreciated securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds), highly cost-effective assets to use in making a charitable gift.

Tangible items offered to OACC may be accepted if they can be readily sold or if they are of “related use.” Before making a tangible items gift, donors are highly encouraged to consult with OACC’s Executive Director on the fitness of the gift for OACC’s mission and operational priorities. OACC will clarify with the donor under what circumstances, if any, it will pay for legal or professional fees with respect to completing a gift.

OACC reserves the right to refuse any gift that it believes is too restrictive in purpose or not in its best interest. The acceptance of a questionable gift or the decision to fulfill a questionable request from a donor will be brought to the board of directors. The board’s discussion will be guided by consistency with our mission and preservation of our goodwill in the community. Upon board approval (or, for non-permanent collections, after the manager’s approval), we will send you a Gift Agreement, which is the document that transfers legal ownership of the object from you to us. Once we receive the signed Gift Agreement, your object becomes part of OACC’s property, to be incorporated into our programs and activities accordingly.

To learn more or to make a gift, please contact OACC’s Development Manager, Dharma Galang by email at or call 510.637.0465.