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L to R: Stephanie Hoang, Wendy Lin, Christopher Nakasuka (MOVE Fellow), Emma Grover, Marvin Lee, Saly Lee, Tommy Leong (AV Tech), Sohkham Senthavilay, Joghi Williams (Setup Crew), and Pamela Ybañez

Saly Lee
Executive Director

Saly Lee is a first-generation Korean American whose career is steeped in art & culture and non-profit work.  Before coming to OACC, Saly worked at several prominent nonprofit organizations such as the Korean American Community Foundation in San Francisco, the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, and Seattle Art Museum. Community engagement and non-profit service have always been very important to Saly, and she previously served on the board of directors at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center and Cultural Connections.

Marvin Lee
Operations Manager

Marvin Lee has been at OACC since 2018. He is a second generation Asian American and has interests in racial equality and environmentalism. In his free time Marvin enjoys cooking and outdoor activities.

Pamela Ybañez
Facilities & Rentals Coordinator

Facilities & Rentals Coordinator Pamela Ybañez has been with OACC since January 2022, and she is a Bay Area based artist and parent. Her artwork incorporates personal and social investigations as a way to discuss inequalities, social hierarchies and as a way to strengthen her connection to her homeland.

Stephanie Hoang
Program Manager

Stephanie Hoang was born and raised in in the San Antonio neighborhood of East Oakland. She graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in Social Welfare and Asian American & Asian Diaspora Studies, and is currently studying Design Strategy at California College of the Arts. Prior to joining the staff as Program Manager, Stephanie served on the board of directors at OACC and worked in local nonprofits at the intersection of education and social justice.

Rachall Lee
Programs Assistant

Rachall Lee (she/her) joined OACC after completing a B.A. in Art History at the University of San Francisco. Providing creative spaces and being a hub for community resources brings her great joy. She enjoys exploring the Bay Area’s diverse culinary culture and practicing fiber arts in her free time.

Wendy Lin
Front Desk Receptionist

Wendy Lin has been with OACC since Autumn, 2019.  She is a 1st generation Taiwanese-American, who grew up mainly in Berkeley (Berserkeley), California.  Outside of work, her interests are in volunteering, Mah-Jiang, and increasing awareness on API equality and Ableism prejudices.

Sohkham Senthavilay

Sohkham Senthavilay has been taking care of OACC facilities since 2003.   

Emma Grover
Program & Communications Coordinator

Emma Grover (she/her) grew up in New York City and moved to Oakland, California after completing her degree in English and Creative Writing at Wesleyan University. With a background in education, Bay Area based non-profit arts organizations, and a free-lance writing practice, Emma has always been passionate about the healing powers of written and artistic expression as well as highlighting the voices of underrepresented, diasporic, and/or multiracial artists like herself.


Lorraine Sumulong

Eunice Kwon
UC Berkeley

Timothy K. Law
AdaptivePro Consulting

Evelyn Lee
Pacific Gas and Electric Co., Retired

Daryl Toy
Paulett Taggart Architects

Kim Cao

Arbour Decker
Chief Development Officer for Oakland Promise

Harvey Dong
Eastwind Books

Priscilla Hoang
Kos Read Group, Inc.

Darren Murata

Fermina Philips
Branding Marketing Consultant

Tú David Phu
Top Chef Alumus

Sandra Ue
City of Oakland

Saly Lee, Ex-Officio
Oakland Asian Cultural Center


Greg Chen

Stewart Chen

Rick da Silva

Richard Cowan

Kathy Dwyer

Josephine Hui

Hiroko Kurihara

Justin Lee

Richelle Lieberman

Virginia Sung

Cristiana Baik