Your gift supports OACC’s growth as an inter-generational community hub and anchor. OACC aims to support the creative community and address social justice and API issues as a communal space and stage for the artistic expression of diverse Asian heritage.

Your generous donations and support go directly to bringing quality pan-Asian programming to OACC and the upkeep of our facility. All donations to OACC, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (Tax ID: 73-1649335), are tax-deductible.

OACC offers annual giving opportunities for individuals and corporations that offer valuable recognition and unique benefits. For more information about the giving levels and benefits, please contact us at (510) 637 – 0455 or

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We gratefully acknowledge donors who made gifts between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2020. To respect their privacy, we have eliminated gift levels from our list of donors.

Cristiana Baik

Nikki Fortunato Bas

Kimberly Becker

Traci Bone

Angela C

Jeanne Chan

Wilma Chan

Carl Chan

Carol Chan

Kevin Chang

Eun-Joo Chang

Ramona Chang

Emily Chang-Chien

Jack & Akemi Chan-Imai

Molyka Chea

Amy Chen

Dr. Stewart Chen

Caroline Cherng

Monica Chew

Marilyn Chin

Jessica Chittaphong

Amy Chu

Wilson Chu

Vem Chuang

Kathleen Collins

Hillary Collins

Richard Cowan

Christina H. Dang

Thu Dao

Karen Dea

Beatrice Dong

Anita Donnell

Lester Dun

Kathy Dwyer

Aimee Eng

Edwin K. Eng

Weylin Eng

Tiffany Hideko Eng

Maisha Everhart

Christopher Fan

Gloria Fangon-Hitz

Angeles Finn

Meghan D. Foe

Dennis H. Fong

Irene Fong

Dorlie D Fong

Jonathan Fong

Mary J. Fong

Victoria Fujioka

Nellie Fung

Dharma Galang

Mai-Ling Garcia

David German

Cindy Giang

Jared Ginn

Foster Goldstrom

Rodney Goodwin

Charles Gribble

Cynthia A Guevara

Che Guevara

Caren Gutierrez

Jenny Ha

Emmeline Ha

Diane Heinze

Patricia A Higa

Korin Hodges

Donna Hom

Miwako Hsu

Mable Huang

Teri Hudson

Josephine S. Hui

Linh Huynh

Abraham Ignacio Jr.

Chad Iman

David Izu

Dan Kalb

Michelle Keh

Felicia Harmer Kelley

Sohee Kil

Susan Kim

Jee Kim

Bomion Kim

Janis Kitsuwa-Lowe

Keith Kojimoto

Jeffrey Kupers


Alice Lai-Bitker

Jonathan Lakritz

Kelly Lam

Christina Nguyen Lam

Francis Lan

Antonio Lao

Dana Larkin

Timothy Law

Ferrier Le

Terri Le

Tony Le

Bill Lee

Kin Lee

Dongyeon Lee

Evelyn C. Lee

Hyon Lee

Saly Lee

Marvin Lee

Howard Lee

Gail Leong

Doreen Leong

Roger Leu

Sherman Lew

Michelle Li

Isaac Liang

Jeanine Lim

Christine Lim

Wendy Lin

Monica H. Lin

Suzanne Lo

Michael Lok

Kathryn Lynn

George Mak

Lisa Mani

Sokhom Mao

Lorraine McNeal

Hang K Min

Joan Miura

Kris Mizutani

Mina Mok

Emma Moon

Stam Moy

Darren Murata

Bonnie Murdock

Patricia Nagamoto

Lawrence Ng

Charmaine Ngin

Kathy Nguyen

Tien Nguyen

Tu-Anh Nguyen

Josh Nguyen

Dawna Nimedez

Nobuo Nishi

Lynne Ogawa

Lisa A. Olive

So Yong Park

Joe J.D. Partida

Anne Victoria Banks Perrone

Laurel Pham 

Maria Poncel

James Proctor

Norma Quon

Mary Rathbun

Tyler Richendollar

Julia Rivera

Courtney Ruby

Denise Sainer

Vince Sales

Brenda Salguero

Libby Schaaf

Deborah Shefler

Chuck Siu

Gary and Carolyn Soto Family Charitable Fund

Susan Sung

Virginia K. Sung

Erika Suttles

Diane Tabellija

Raymond Tang

Judith Tang

Debbie Taylor

Alexx Temena

Tallulah Terryll

Jean Tolentino

Kamee Tong

Joanne M. Tornatore-Pili

Jennifer Tran

Stephanie Tran

Meredith Tsang

Angela Tsay

Sandra Ue

Jason Ue

Jackson C. Ue

Zac Unger

Gladys Aguilar Vital

Yuan Wang

Karen Whitestone

Jessica Williams

Audrey Williams

Julius Jang-Yang Wong

Victoria Wong

Claudia Woo

Dianne Woods

Peggy W Woon

Freddie Wright

Lynn Wu

Linda Xiao

Benjamin Xie

Sophie Xu

Linda Yeung

Sandy Yip

Natasha Young

Stephen Yu

Angela Yuen

The Oakland Asian Cultural Center has made every effort to list donors accurately. Please accept our apology for any errors or omissions, and advise of any corrections by contacting Terri Le at or call 510.637.0465.