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southeast asian new year celebration

Join us on Saturday, April 20, 2024, 12 PM – 3 PM, for an afternoon of performances, workshops, and vendors as we celebrate the Iu Mien and Cambodian New Year.


Khmer Traditional Costumes & Games with Sovandy Hang

Mien Egg Net making with the Iu Mien Scholarship Fund (IMSC)


Mama Saing Kitchen and Zoey Tea House

Author David Saechao


Author Koy Saechao

May Saelee’s Traditional & Modern Mien Clothes & Jewelry

Nai Lium Saetern’s Mien Clothing

Persimmon and Roots


Koy Saechao is the author of “Count Yietc to Ziepc in Mien with Me!” and “Color in Mien with Me!” Beyond her passion for writing, Koy also holds the role of President at the Sacramento Iu Mien Association, Inc. She is passionate and dedicated as a community leader, alongside being a devoted mother and an avid marathon runner.

Theresa Saechao-Rother is a children’s book author. Theresa has work experience in educational advocacy, community engagement, business development and partnership. Her goal is to create diverse books, characters, and tales of adventure for children to enjoy.


Oakland Khmer Angkor Dance Troupe

Oakland Khmer Angkor Dance Troupe was established in 1996 to preserve Cambodian culture through cultural dances. The goal of Khmer Angkor is to develop and empower young leaders to support their peers and help them navigate life’s challenges.

Lotus Biangh Sieqv (Lotus Flower Girls)

Lotus Biangh Sieqv (Lotus Flower Girls), is a Iu Mien dance group that was formed to preserve and share traditional Iu Mien dances within the Iu Mien community and for younger generations.

Warn Luang Saechao & Ensemble

Iu Mien master flautist, Warn Luang Saechao, will perform traditional Iu Mien songs.

Thank you to our sponsors! Ava Community Energy, Nikki Fortunato Bas, Council President & District 2 Councilmember

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