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Kenneth McGhee

Kenneth McGhee is a Los Angeles County native, raised in the San Fernando Valley, California. His true passion for drawing began at 6 years of age, with his main inspirations being the illustrators of DC, Marvel comic books, and Mad Magazine. He began a formal art education at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California and later enlisted in the United States Navy. After serving overseas for four years, he became a design atelier Graphic Artist and freelance illustrator in Bonn, Germany. Since his repatriation to the United States in 1996, Kenneth continues working as a freelance Commercial Illustrator/ Graphic Artist, Art Tutor, and Fine Artist. You can view his multi-styled commercial illustration and graphic design work samples at: https://Kensfunkyart.com.

Shirley Everett-Dicko

Shirley Everett-Dicko is the fifth child of Dorothy Turner Everett, and a member of the legendary family of not eight, nine, or ten but eleven Black pitmasters from Oakland, CA, and nine of these pitmasters are dynamic Black women who have been cooking delicious smoked meat on brick pits for 50 years. She is the family’s historian, the social media director, and one of four surviving Everett siblings. Shirley was there on opening day in 1973 and has been the marketing director for Everett and Jones Barbeque since day one. Shirley has authored a new book titled Brick House. The new book is about barbeque from the perspective of a Black woman. Her late mother and five deceased siblings’ legacy will live on through these collections of short stories.


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