About the Artist in Residence Program

OACC’s Artist in Residence (AIR) program aims to support Bay Area emerging and established artists in the creation of a new work. This program seeks to provide an opportunity for local artists to expand and deepen their creative work in collaboration with a community-oriented cultural organization. By providing tangible support in the form of practice, performance and/or exhibition space, OACC’s AIR program hopes to mitigate the logistical challenges that artists may face when seeking adequate, affordable creative space in a region that is experiencing increasingly higher costs of living. In turn, the AIR program exposes OACC’s audiences to an in-depth exploration of the incredible, creative talents within our local artistic communities. The AIR program accepts artists from all backgrounds including visual, literary, performing, multimedia, and more.

General Timeline (FY 2021-2022) **ON HOLD**

Jun 2021 – Open call for AIR proposals
Aug 2021 – Deadline for AIR proposal submission
Sep 2021 – Official announcement of OACC AIR, AIR Orientation
Oct 2021 – AIR and OACC Programs staff finalize residency deliverables
Nov 2021 – Finalize AIR program lineup and begin promoting
Jan 2022 – AIR program begins
Mar 2022 – Mid-term evaluation with AIR
May 2022 – AIR program concludes
Jun 2022 – AIR evaluation & feedback, final reports

Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on our operations, this program is currently on hold. Please check back or email programs@oacc.cc for updates.

Artist-in-Residency Terms

OACC will provide:

  • An affordable, accessible rehearsal, performance and/or exhibition space
  • A professional venue to present new work to a diverse audience
  • Collaborative opportunities on classes and/or workshops
  • Marketing and promotional support for AIR projects and events
  • Opportunities for financial support as determined between the artist and OACC’

AIR is expected to:

  • Contribute to OACC’s major programs including Lunar New Year
  • Provide a series of regular public workshops or classes at OACC
  • Present a culminating performance or exhibition of a new work created during the OACC residency
  • Sustain regular communications with project updates and check-in meetings with OACC Programs staff

Community Engagement Outcomes:

  • AIR presents at least one (1) major, high-caliber performance for OACC audiences
  • AIR provides minimum three (3) high-quality classes and/or workshops for OACC visitors
  • AIR engages in at least two (2) accessible activities that provide benefits to the community in the form of offering creative enrichment, skill-building opportunities, and more (Ex: providing art or music lessons during Lunar New Year or Chinatown Streetfest)