Artist and Organization Partners of the Oakland Asian Cultural Center

Ger Youth Center

“Ger” Youth Center was founded by a group of individuals who were dedicated in serving the children and youth in the Northern California and was officially registered as a nonprofit public charitable organization in San Francisco in April, 2009. Every child is welcome to “Ger” Youth Center and we encourage that you visit our programs page for more information about our upcoming events. “Ger” Youth Center conducts weekly classes for youth in Mongolian Dance, Music, and Language.

Available for public and private performances. Please inquire!

Main Contact: Eska Tuizen, Executive Director
Email: gercenter(at)
Phone: (510) 759-9229

ShuYi Liu Chinese Drawing, Painting & Calligraphy Artist

Mr. Liu conducts classes at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center every Saturday. Please contact Mr. Liu for any questions on his weekly class.

Available for personalized or commercial art.

Phone: (510) 763-8551

China’s Spirit Music Ensemble

China’s Spirit Music Ensemble (CSME) was founded in 2003 and directed by guzheng soloist, Winnie Wong. CSME’s mission is to indulge the community and people from all backgrounds with Winnie’s drive and passion towards her culture and music. Her dream is to share and promote cultural experiences through performing arts, give back to the community and share with the world her love and passion for music.

Available for public and private performances. Please inquire!

Main Contact: Winnie Wong, Director
Phone: (415) 515-5797

Patty Chu’s Chinese Folk Dance Troupe

Patty Chu, the instructor and artistic director blends the rich musical legacy with classical, folk and contemporary dances. The dance troupe has drawn frequent smiles from a variety of reviewers. Most of all, their graceful stage presence and technical skill make a good impression on the audiences.

Patty Chu’s dance troupe collaborates with numerous community organizations, including music and Kung Fu groups, to ensure that her program has a widespread appeal to a variety of audiences.

Available for public and private performances. Please inquire!

Phone: (510) 878-0284

Shaolin Buddhist Temple & Education Foundation

The Shaolin Buddhist Temple and Education Foundation was Founded by Master Shi Guo Song from Shaolin Monastery (Henan Province, China). The Foundation was founded in 2006. The Shaolin Buddhist Temple and Education Foundation currently provides Enlightenmen Studies including: Meditation, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Qi Gong classes to students from all backgrounds, age groups and religious makeup. We have established a Shaolin Cultural and Buddhist Center preserving the 1,500-year-old tradition of Shaolin as well as arts related to Shaolin for the larger San Francisco Bay Area community.

Main Contact: Sheldon Callahan, Executive Director