Two New Classes: ‘Rio-style Samba’ with Shaunte

April 10th, 2017

“Rio-style Samba with Shaunte” are classes designed to guide students through the movements of samba as it is performed in the samba schools of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Students will learn how to dance within the samba rhythm, movements that accompany samba steps, and will develop their samba all within a fun, encouraging environment. Samba also happens to be one of the best cardio exercises around!!!
General Class descriptions:

Samba Fundamentals 8-9 pm
This is the class where you will learn the samba step, and if you are familiar Рimprove your technique, learn samba variations, and develope greater endurance. We will go over breaks (movements done when you are not doing the samba), combinations, and go over the latest movements in Rio aka  Cidade do Samba  (city of samba).

Samba for Performance/ Carnaval SF Prep 9-10 pm
Been bitten by the samba bug????? The casual class has likely now turned into a passion for you and you now have aspirations to perform or are already performing and want to take it to the next level.

This class is for you!!!!!!!!!


During the months of April to May 2017 a portion of each class will be dedicated to learning the choreogrpahy for Carnaval SF with the Ginga Brasil contingent. Participation in carnaval SF is not required in order to participate in this class during the months of April-May.

We will cover stage presence, dancing for an audience/crowd, posture, freestyle, traveling, walking/strutting, and the 2017 passista ala choreography.

Beginning June 2017, this class will become a series requiring instructor permission prior to enrollment.

In this series we will work on projecting confidence, stage presence, free-style technique, choreography, and solos. There will be performance opportunities associated with this series.

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