Thank you from Paula Madison

March 14th, 2016

Paula Madison says: Thank you, Oakland Asian Cultural Center! —
The front page of the Oakland Chinese language newspaper featured coverage of the screening of Finding Samuel Lowe, sponsored by Rep. Barbara Lee on Sunday March 6th! What an honor to my ancestors that our family’s story instills such pride among so many. (And I recognize my Hakka Chinese name in the headline!!)

Thank you, Steven Owyang, for translation:
Headline from World Journal:
“Afro Chinese Mixed Race Luo Xiaona Searches Roots to Shenzhen”
完成母親遺願 “Fulfills mother’s last behest/wish”
找到外祖父的300子孫 “Finds 300 descendants of maternal grandfather”
被補進羅氏族譜 “Restores (name) to Luo/Lowe family genealogy book”
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OACC says: Thank YOU, Paula Madison for bringing your beautiful and inspiring film to Oakland Asian Cultural Center! Thank you also for your generous and kind donation of a case of autographed books to benefit our center! Special thanks to Congresswoman Barbara Lee and staff for bringing the Finding Samuel Lowe: From Harlem to China with Congresswoman Barbara Lee at OACC event together! And BIG THANKS to Carl Chan for helping to underwrite this as well!

P.S. We’re looking for copies of this paper so please drop them by OACC if you have any smile emoticon

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