Ikebana class this month and next

November 10th, 2016

Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, dates back over 550 years and is still practiced in modern­ day Japan. Ikebana is different from Western floral arrangement. Ikebana pays attention to the overall line and form of all plant material used and emphasizes minimalism and asymmetry. The design of the arrangement also uses as few stems as possible.
Saturday Ikebana classes:
2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month.

Students can start taking classes at any time.

Tuition: $35 for one Saturday includes flower and plant
Classes for for the rest of the year: Saturday, November 12 and Saturday, December 10, 2-4pm

Classes must be booked and paid for by September 8th(to
arrange for provided class materials)

Payment can be refunded or applied to a future class by contacting the teacher at least two days before the class to be missed.
No previous knowledge of Ikebana required. Students should bring their own:

1) Container– a wide (approx 9­16″) and shallow (approx 3­4″) dish or bowl,
such as a square or round casserole dish, preferably with a flat bottom
2) Garden scissors or pruning shears(hasami)
3) Flower frog(kenzan) ­ loaners available for use during class. Also
available for purchase in class for approx. $30
4) Small bucket in which to keep flower stems in water during transport home after class –optional
To register and for questions, please contact the teacher,
Tomoko Tsuji at tomoko351@gmail.com or call  510)-922-­0698.


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